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Well, to start. I have been a serious slacker regarding our Boat Cards. It has been a little over 9 months now that we have been aboard S/V Deosil. We have met many cruisers and such along the way. We would meet new people, chatting about boats… who is going where and what boat project is currently being tackled. During each chat everyone would reach into their pocket, wallet, run into their boat or respectively pull out of their ass a — BOAT CARD. We never had one to give in return and would always fall back on scribbling on the back of one of theirs and giving it back to them or scrawling on some random sheet of paper. Well, NO MORE. Arriving in a few days will be our much needed boat cards. I tried designing one a while back but being a designer myself I could never settle on a design so the project would go unfinished. The other night I somehow found the motivation to sit down and just make some. I launched Adobe Illustrator and got down to business…

“Hey Shawna… you like this blue? Too dark? You think it looks cheesy? Do we really need a pic of the boat on it?” and so on and so on. After many questions and the moving and resizing of vector graphics I was finally able to finalize a design and shoot it off to Vista Print online. $10 bucks for 250 of them with free shipping to boot. I feel good. I feel like I can truly be a real cruiser now… Yeah right. Now I will be the one making people feel bad and obligated when I run down below deck and return with our boat card… Ahhhh… to be on the other side of this madness.

But anyway, it may not seem like much to you reading this, but it means the world to me. Boat cards are great for remembering the diverse bunch of people you end up meeting from all over the world. I do web and graphic design work and it says it right on the card. No more will my memory be left behind in their wakes. My design skills forgotten like the last dolphin they just passed by.

I will be remembered.

We all have to feed the “kitty” somehow!

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4 thoughts on “Boat Cards

  1. Suzi

    When you get someone’s boat card be sure to write where and when you met them. That way when you see their boat in a few months or years and they sound familiar you can go back to your boat cards and refresh your memory. They’ll be impressed when you say “I remember meeting you in Beaufort” or something like that. Enjoy your adventure!

  2. Heather

    Looks good Matt. I do understand. Having a boat card to whip out says “yes, I’m serious about this, I’m not some wannabe!”


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