Well we seem to be whittling away at the list of boat projects. I guess it is safe to say that the age of the boat one ends up buying is directly proportional to the size of a given to-do boat list. Luckily not too many things have reared their ugly heads to date. I am sure we will be hosting more problems as we go, but for now we can only prioritize what really needs to be fixed against what can wait.

Our fridge and freezer has a refrigerant leak somewhere. God only knows where. And I wish that god was our current refrigerator professional. He came to charge it and brought with him a near empty bottle of Hotshot R-414b refrigerant. Who shows up to a recharge job with not enough refrigerant to do the job?! Well, it ends up he put in what was left of the bottle and does not currently have any more! An AC mechanic without any more refrigerant?! The fridge and freezer worked great for another week and then quit cooling. So, now to look for the damn leak and decide if it is really something we really need to deliver this boat to Florida. I am currently looking at the trip down the ICW as a straight up delivery. A delivery to ourselves by ourselves. The fridge and freezer is not vital for the trip and it may make more sense to better analyze and find a solution to the problem when we are situated down in Florida… we will see. Whatever, I won’t go on any further about it. I may spring a leak myself due to high blood pressure.

On a good note, we have busted out a bunch of other projects one of which my wife just blogged about… cleaning the coolant out of the bilge.

We have disassembled, rebuilt and tested the manual Whale Gusher 10 bilge pump, Built a bridled anchor snubber line, Hardwired the GPS (Garmin GPSMap 492) into the 12v electrical system, and tested the inverter system which seemed to be working great. We simulated an evening and night at anchor to find that our house bank of batteries is plenty large enough. So that’s good. We also removed the old boat name, compounded the oxidized transom and layed up our new boat name with vinyl lettering we ordered over the internet. It looks great.

So, things are looking good. Except for the fridge and freezer issue. Not the end of the world and it won’t stop me from getting where we are going. The show must go on.

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