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Sweet and Salty Pawleys Island
















Yesterday, around bedtime Matt said that the day just flew by. He is so right! All the days are flying by. It’s strange because with so much less to do you would think that time would slow down. Instead it appears to have sped up a tad. Honestly I feel like I spend most of the day messing around with meals for Cadence. It doesn’t help that she eats at a nibbles pace, fills up fast, and is hungry thirty minutes later. The point is that when I try to remember where my super-fast day went, I can usually remember three meals, four or five snacks, the dishes and trash all of that eating made. Add a grocery shop to that and that is my entire day. There is usually room for a shower and maybe the pool or playtime on the boat, but not much. It’s totally bizarre. Weeks have flown by. Months actually. I’m not complaining but how does one slow down to smell the roses if the act of slowing yourself down speeds up time? Hmmm.

Today we skipped all boat projects and went down to Pawleys Island. What a great area. Myrtle Beach and N. Myrtle Beach are so thick with obvious tourism, but Pawleys Island is not. It is so small and quaint, referred to online as being a little more bohemian. The roads are sandy and there are no sidewalks. It has a history of leisure, as it is where the rice plantation owners would go in the summer months to avoid the malaria ridden mosquitoes of the river country. There is a winding river that meets the sea, and they trade warm, lazy currents back and forth. Some of the houses have the beach on one side and the river on the other. A man told us that people could ride an inner tube one way or the other, using the tide. Imagine timing it right so that you go to the beach via river, and home again, all via inner tube? I loved it and lusted after the beach homes. The entire energy there is very laid back. It’s the perfect place to rent a beach house and have a huge extended family reunion. The Rat Race has a hard time sinking its claws into an area like this. It is about a 40-minute drive from our marina and that is all that stops me from going there every day. Finding a place like Pawleys Island reminds me of my quest to explore the coast and find a place where we may someday want to grow roots again.

Today we drove around the area in exploration, visiting both the north and south beaches. I think I preferred the south beach for consistency of waves. The north beach has steep hard waves, but it also had a big tide pool at the river inlet, which was like giant salt-water pool and where we ended up spending most of our swimming time. Cadence and I had a great time swimming in that huge tide pool.  In her efforts to learn to swim she has enjoyed the extra buoyancy of salt water. Our only complaint would be the lack of public facilities, since the beaches are really meant for residents and not the general public. We love a good sand wash down before climbing back in the car. Then it occurred to us that we have plenty of room in our huge car to bring a mobile wash down unit with us. Duh. We’ll have to figure that out. A manual pressure sprayer would be perfect, like one that you hand pump.

Today’s beach day was in preparation for our inverter install, which we assume will take two days and while we do it the electricity will be off so there will be no air conditioning, running water, etc. Matt’s back got a little sore boogie boarding and we’ve taken a few days off to get him to the point where he feels like he can climb in an engine room for hours at a time and be able to climb back out. So today Pawleys Island beckoned us. It was a nice family day. No agenda. No stress. No rain. No drama…just fun in the sun. I see a lot of stickers here on cars that say “Salt Life,” and all I can think of after a day like today is how sweet the salt life is.