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Three Helm Hounds aboard S/V Deosil

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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Olivia

    HI guys! Stopping by to show some LOVE. If your ever make your way down to Miami give us a shout we would love to hang out! ….. And dogs are most welcome on our boat! :) We got your email a while back… hope you got our response!? Either way we hope our paths will cross someday Beau would love to play with your dog!

    Much love guys,
    Olivia & Ryan
    s/v SeaUs

  2. Megan

    Hey, if you guys keep the wish list up-to-date, I think family and friends might be able to help you out…if you rate them somehow, on necessity by importance…or if there’s a store or online store where you have wish list, kind of like a registry…some of us might be able to help out…Just sayin’…

    Love you guys~


    1. Matthew Callaghan

      Thanks Meggy for the thought. The wish list page was made to just be a personal notes page of stuff we want to get. Most “cruiser blogs” have something similar. We would love some help but are really just happy that we have readers and know that our blog posts are not just going into oblivion! I may add a “Buy me a beer” button or something… pretty common to see on these kind of blogs also. I should add that most marine related items can be a bit pricey and I would never expect anyone to get us any of it. :)
      Luv Ya!

  3. pat

    Sounds like you are settling in to this long-awaited life at sea! Love the pics…Cade looks happy. I’m sure you’ll solve the “funk” issue…you have a definite clean gene…it will prevail. Just a matter of some research and finding the cure. Love keeping up with you guys…the blog is fantastic. Hugs and kisses to Cade…and Happy Birthday to Matt!


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