Filling The Kitty

Meow… No, not that kind of kitty. We are not bringing any cats aboard S/V Deosil!
No way, No meow.
A cruising kitty is defined by Merriam-Webster as:

Kitty – kit·ty: \ˈki-tē\
: a sum of money or collection of goods often made up of small contributions

Technically our Kitty is not really made up of contributions. To us it is just an amount of money pooled or put-aside for cruising, marina fees, fuel, repairs, provisioning and for whittling away at the endless list of boat stuff that we need.

We like to make our money, you could help us by hiring us to build you a website or such. We are a floating web & graphic design duo always on the lookout for a project to sink our anchors into. So, to see Matt’s online porfolio head on over to Matts Design Studio Website.

No worries if you can’t hire us. We will, of course, accept a donation to the kitty anyway! Maybe just enough for some beer or rum.

Another way to help us along our barnacle busting path would be to check out our list of Amazon Books and buy them from us. It is a win win situation for both of us… you get what you want and we get what we need.

Go ahead, buy us a beer or two… or three… or four!


A sincere thanks from the Helm Hounds crew!

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