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On the way to the grocery store this scorching afternoon we talked to a couple in the boat slip next to us gearing up to leave the dock for good. We said our farewells, happy sailing, fair winds and following seas thing and went on our way. After returning from Publix, we noticed they had left in their sailboat and that we had a full view of our boat as we walked down the dock. A pretty rare sight! After unloading said groceries and Cadence’s toys from the car (we were stashing some in the car while we had guests) I had to go out and fire off a few shots with my good old DSLR for blogs sake.

It is hot here in Jacksonville today… 90+ degrees and muggy… it was actually hotter yesterday, but feels hotter today because of the higher humidity. The marina parking lot is full and everyone is here on their boats with their families for the Memorial Day weekend. Shawna, Cadence and I are taking it easy… drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonades (Cadence has Gatorade) and attending to boat things as usual. Ya’ just got to love the 3 day weekend! The marina is having a barbecue tomorrow and we will be attending. Lots of food and lots of drink… pretty much sums up what most of the good old USA will be doing I think.

But anyway… Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all.

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2 thoughts on “Knot Often

  1. Wendy

    Glad all is well with your family Matt. But scorching at 90…. Move to Thailand, thn you can feel the two months of 100+ when 90 would be bliss.

    Mostly kidding. Florida is hot!
    Give your ladies my best

  2. Beth Fehlmann

    So glad that you’re having a great, Long weekend. We’ve been having rain and hail and winds and sunny skies, intermixed. Hi temps in the 70’s with lows in the 40’s…typically Colorado! Think of you often every day…stay well!

    Love these updates!


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