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The other day I ran across a picture of a nicely interior-designed boat cabin and decided that it was time to start on the aesthetics of our boat.  Considering we bought the boat from an older gentleman it really is in nice shape.  Of course I didn’t have any say in the curtain fabrics, the color of carpets, or what is hanging on the walls.  None are what I would have chosen, personally.  The changes we would like to make to the boat aesthetically are simply not priorities, particularly financially.  We decided to start small and simple, and paint the inside of the galley cabinets.

The interior of the galley cabinets are 40 year old raw wood and fiberglass.  Someone took the time to glue up contact paper and non-skid cabinet liner, which was stained and falling off.  It looked horrible and was impossible to clean.  It was not appetizing to keep our dinnerware, utensils and spices in there.  So I ripped it out, and cleaned it.  Then we pulled off the doors and the tracks.  We sanded inside and Matt cleaned it with acetone.

So now it was clean but man was it still ugly.  It’s amazing that in 40 years no one had painted these galley cabinets yet.  We had a pint of primer and a pint of epoxy paint which didn’t seem like much (and was super expensive.)  Matt painted the primer and the fumes were pretty ugly.  What brain cells we had left from our previous life’s home improvement projects were in jeopardy.   Luckily it was a windy and warm day so we opened the boat up to air out.

Unluckily, the next day brought rain so we had to leave off the project.  It was too humid for the paint to dry and we would not be able to open the boat to air out the fumes.  The boat was a disaster!  Everything that had been inside the cabinets was now spread out all over the living space of the boat.  I hate that!  It puts me in a mental and emotional place that is not pretty.  My family is grateful that the torture lasted only one day.  Matt painted the epoxy and we waited until the fourth day to put the doors back on and put everything back in.

Tah Dah!  I LOVE it.  I am addicted.  We didn’t even use an inch of paint in either can so I am scheming to rip out all the carpet wall coverings in the entire boat and paint them instead.  A clean glossy white surface is so nice to the eye, easy to clean, and simple to touch up.  I am many nautical miles away from buying a sewing machine and learning to sew my own curtains but I can claim this boat as my own, one clean white surface at a time!

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3 thoughts on “Painting Our Galley Cabinets

    1. Shawna Post author

      I am super happy with it. But what I really need to do is to learn to sew. I really really want new curtains and new cockpit cushions. one thing at a time I suppose. :) cant wait to get at all the other areas!


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